StepSafe® High Quality Non Slip Folding Step Stool For Kids and Adults

Tired of not being able to reach the glass on the top shelf of your kitchen? Office chair has footprints from your many attempts to get that file from the high up cabinet? Kids always standing on top of sofas to get something with you running after to make sure they don’t fall? Well the solution to all your problems is this stool:


StepSafe brings to you its super strong yet lightweight step stool made out of a sturdy material which holds up to 300 lbs. and has a good 9 inch height which makes it usable for children too.

The stool is can be folded with a handle on top which makes it very convenient to carry and also saves up a lot on storage space. Keep it in the cabinet or in the bathroom, the stool can be kept anywhere.
The stool has been designed keeping the entire family in mind and not just a specific age group.

This is evident from the non-skid rubber dots on the stool’s surface which makes sure nobody falls down due to slipping. This feature makes the stool safe for children to use and makes the parents worry less when the children use it for brushing their teeth in the bathroom.


People base the quality of their purchases on the level of convenience the purchased item brings to them and this stool ticks all the points on the convenience chart. With hinges on the side which can be folded to make a handle the stool is extremely easy to carry hence being quite portable.

The stool lays flat when folded and can be kept in the car for those road trips! You no longer have to drag the chair from the dining table to the room to get your favorite bag out of the closet that you had kept on the top shelf. Kids can easily carry the stool around the house as they please without any trouble as the stool has no harsh edges.

Reaching the sink to brush teeth just became a whole lot easier! The stool is very easy to open and use and that saves up on a lot of time too!

The white color of the stool gives it a very neat look and the dots give it a trendy affect. The material of the stool is such that it is very easy to clean. Just take some soap and water and give a little wash and your stool is good as new.


The stool comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The size of the stool, fold-able feature and safety measures make it a win win not just for adults but for kids too. Be it your room or the trunk of your car, this item can be used anywhere! And it only costs $11.

StepSafe Non Slip Folding Step Stool For Kids and Adults with Handle- 9 in Height, Holds up to 300 Lb! (black)
  • Super Strong yet Lightweight- StepSafe manufactures a step stool designed with the entire family in mind. It is strong and stable for adults yet lightweight and portable for children to carry.
  • EZ Carrying - Durable carrying handle allows you to carry the step stool wherever you go. Space Safer- Especially designed to be fold in order to conserve space. Opens and folds very easily.
  • Space Safer- Especially designed to be fold in order to conserve space. Opens and folds very easily.
  • Safety Feature- Non Skid rubber dots on the step stool's surface designed to give you a strong grip and prevent slipping.
  • Lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by StepSafe

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