3 Best Rated Step Stools with Handrails Available in the Market

step stools with handrails

Step stools relate to a lot of different uses – much of which you already know, which is why I don’t really have to get into that. However, step stools have made a lot of progress; there are a number of step stool designs currently available in the market. These designs include a combination of chair and a step stool or are categorized like a medical step stool, simple step stools, step stools with handrails, etcetera.

I think that step stools with handrails can be extremely useful and efficient compared to all the various structures currently present. They are just safer, more attractive and also way easier to use. And if you haven’t already made up your mind, then go through the following options of step stools with handrails and know for yourself which design is better.

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AdjustaStep(tm) DoubleSafe Deluxe Step Stool

Step stool with handrails by Platinum Health is just so amazing. Unlike all other substitutes, this product has two handrails in place of just one. This adds so much more advantages to this product making it a number one select on the market. Platinum Health is really committed to providing its customers with the very best, which is why they use their immense knowledge in designing products with such dependable structure that never fail to satisfy. This step stool has a full metal body; no plastic parts are used in its construction, which makes it just so durable, reliable, robust and safe.

This step stool has a modern, clean design, which gives this product more quality than ever before. The old-style, industrial-looking structure is what this product features; a blue and white color combination. The entire structure of the step stool and handrails has chrome and silver vein finishes, which makes this product even more elegant and classy to use. Moreover, there are no offensive off-gassing odors that are commonly found in other cheaper step stools adding more quality to this product.

Now let me tell you about another really interesting characteristic of this step stool: it is adjustable. The heights of both the step and the handles can be adjusted in accordance with the height of the person that is going to utilize it giving it that customization effect, which makes this product just so much more awesome. This product can easily adjust to the user’s physical capability and range of motion making it so much better than any of the alternatives currently available. This step stool with two handrails can really be your number one choice as it has got absolutely everything that you can possibly demand.

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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Footstool with Handrail

Drive Medical brings you another remarkable creation, which can satisfy all your possible queries regarding a step stool with handrails. Let me begin with the dimensions of this product, as they are very important and can play a vital role in selection of this.

The step stool has a length of 10 inches, a width of 14 inches and a height of 9 inches. All of these measurements make it perfectly eligible for its purpose as a step stool. The platform has exactly enough space for adjusting two feet (no matter how large) leaving just enough space behind that doesn’t make the entire place super congested. The handrails have a height of 34 inches, which can adapt to almost all adults very easily.

The rubber platform of the stool is non-skid and ribbed, which increases the friction of the stool. The friction helps the user to step onto the stool without any fear or risk of slipping and hurting oneself really bad. It has got the safety element installed in it in heaps. The stool has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. which is huge and just so awesome so if the user is bulky, even then there’s no need to replace this stool with something else.

Constructed of durable 1 inch steel tubing with cross brace, this product has got extra strength in it for working even more efficiently. This product is also very attractive, so it can indulge into the entire atmosphere of the room where you keep it. What makes it so attractive is the silver vein finish all over its body. It makes the product way too appealing, so trust me you will not regret buying this one.

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Duro-Med Step Stool with Handle

Considering step stool with handrails, Duro-Med has got the best seller product on the market. You’d be surprised with the quality and effectiveness this product has got to offer. And once you make yourself familiar with this one, I don’t think you’d want to go for something else. It has got a black platform with the rest of the structure made of silver steel. These two come together to give such a classy look that makes you fall in love with its appearance.

The platform of this step stool has got non-slip textured matting, which helps the user maintain balance while stepping onto it. The dimensions of the step stool are: 10 by 15 by 9.5 inches, which give it the perfect measurement for dealing with all kinds of people.

Also, it can easily acquire a weight limit of 250 pounds, which is actually more than enough. With that, the handle and the step stool have got rubber fittings on the leg tips, which help the structure to stay in place and rid you of any slipping and injuries.

Duro-Med’s product can help fulfill a lot of different functions. The step stool can be used to safely step up to higher beds, vehicles and other tall areas.

This is a step stool you can fully rely on without even the slightest skepticism. This product can also help reach objects that are out of grasp. For this to be easily done, support is provided by the convenient and stable handrail. Altogether, this step stool with handrail won’t ever let you down.

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