3 Best Step Stools For Toddlers Available in the Market

Children between 1 – 4 years are the most difficult to control. They need to be monitored at all times because once they learn how to crawl or walk there is no stopping them.

Their curiosity level is also sky high wanting to see and touch everything and reaching for things placed twice as high as them.

In such situations it is necessary to have step stools made especially for toddlers to be kept around in the house to give them the extra height so they can learn how to stand up quickly all the while being safe and the parents not having to worry every living minute of their lives. These step stools will help you in choosing the best one for your toddler.

Bumbo Step Stool, Black

Bumbo Step Stool Black
  • Helps toddlers reach the sink
  • Sturdy, lightweight and portable. Measures(w x h x d): 15.125 x 6.5 x 11.125 inches
  • Slip-resistant surface on base and step
  • Great for use for potty training
  • Sturdy, lightweight and portable

Bumbo brings to you and your kids this step stool in black. The dimensions of the stool go as 11.1 x 15.1 x 6.5 inches. This a safe height which gives the toddler the extra height he/she needs all the while being safe too.

The stool weighs up to 1.2 lbs. and can support up till 110 lbs. which shows that the stool is sturdy and durable enough but is also lightweight and can even be dragged by the toddler making it portable. Toddlers can carry the stool from one room to the other as they please. The plastic is strong and of good quality and will last you a long time.

The safety aspect is the most important while designing products for children and bumbo has not compromised in this area. The stool has a slip-resistant surface on the step which gives your toddler the grip to firmly stand on even without shoes.

The base of the stool is also slip-resistant making it ideal for being used in the bathroom where the floor is often wet. These two features will ensure the safety of the child and prevent any injuries that could happen due to slipping or standing on a height.

The feet of the stool have been made in the shape of paws which makes it very attractive for the children. The stool can also be very useful in teaching your toddlers on how to reach the sink while brushing their teeth and also in potty training.

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BABYBJORN Step Stool – Gray

BABYBJORN Step Stool - Gray
  • Non-slip; The rubber mat on top keeps the child safely standing, even with wet feet
  • The rubber strip keeps the step securely on the floor
  • Easy to keep clean; The step is easily rinsed off under running water

Babybjorn known for its amazing childcare products has added another great item to its collection; the step stool. With the measurements of 13.5 inches in length, 9.25 inches in width and 6 inches in height the stool gives the right amount of extra height and boost to toddlers when they need it.

Weighing 1.5 pounds the stool can hold up to 96 pounds of weight which proves the durability of the stool and also the fact that it is lightweight as well so that the toddlers can carry it around easily. Babybjorn does not compromise on the comfort and security that its products provide to the kids and this step stool is no short in that area either.

The bottom of the stool has a rubber padding which makes sure that the stool stays put on the floor when the child gets on it and also in bathrooms where the floor tends to be wet.

The second safety measure is given through the non slip rubber surface on the top of the stool to make sure the child gets stable on the stool. The two safety features provide the children with extra grip and prevent any accidents that could happen due to slipping or going off balance.

The plastic that the stool is made out of is PVC fee a bisphenol free recyclable material. It ensures that the tool will last the customers a long time. The design and material of the stool complies with the relevant product safety standards. The stool is friendly to the kid due to its chemical free plastic and to the environment owing to its ability to be recycled.

A great feature of the stool is that it repels dirt which makes it very easy to clean it. The step stool is in the color gray but also comes in various colors and patterns to stimulate the interest of the toddler so that they become curious enough to use the product and learn from it.

Tenby Living Extra-Tall Jumbo Step Stool

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  • Jumbo size - extra wide and extra tall green 2-step stool
  • Non-slip surface reduces the risk of slipping
  • Removable non-slip caps - can be removed to drain water off the surface
  • Extra wide non-slip rubber grips on the underside
  • Toy

The extra wide and extra tall step stool from Tenby is perfect for the toddlers. With dimensions of 15.8 inches length, 13.8 inches width and 9.2 inches height the stool is wide enough for the toddlers to easily and comfortable place their feet at and have enough room to be safe. The stool is high enough for them to reach the sink in the bathroom for brushing their teeth or for getting food from the fridge.

The stool can hold up to 220 pounds of weight which is really good and can accommodate toddlers in wide range of weights.

The safety factor of the kids have been kept in mind by Tenby and a non-slip surface has been installed in the stool. This surface makes sure the kids stand with a firm grip and it prevents accidents that happen due to slipping and kids going off balance.

The base of the stool has extra wide non-slip rubber grips so that this way the stool grips the floor and stays put which is very important for when the children are in the bathroom and the floor is wet.

The surface of the stool has removable non slip caps which can be removed to drain water off the surface making it very easy to clean and dry the stool.

This feature makes life easy for the parents as they are always making sure they items their kids come in contact with are squeaky clean and germ free.

The stool is in a striking green color with white dots that make it quite attractive and will surely make the toddlers want to use it.

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