3 Best Step Stools for Kitchen Available in the Market

In daily routine many of us either at home or work are always reaching for one thing or the other. Sometimes for things that are up high on the shelves and we make use of chairs or anything nearby to do that and often injuries happen because we don’t take into account the safety aspect.

Same is the case in kitchens. This is where step stools come in. They provide you with the extra height required while ensuring safety of the user. These three best step stools for kitchen will help choose the right one worth your money.

Hometropics Folding Step Stool for Kitchen

Hometropics Non Slip Folding Step Stool for Kids and Adults | 9 Inches in Height
  • Hometropics Brown super strong folding step stool is made for children and adults.
  • Stores Easily - Designed to be folded in order to conserve space. Simply pull up the handle and push in the sides
  • Easy Carry Handle allows you to carry the step stool wherever you go
  • Hometropics Foldable Step Stool gives you and your children the extra height you need, whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room or on the go
  • Designed with rubber non-slip dots on the surface for secure footing every time

Hometropics has come out with yet another ingenious design with their non-slip folding step stool. The stool measures up to 13.8 x 12.6 x 1.7 inches which is the perfect dimension for when you require the extra height in the kitchen and the width is good enough for an adult to easily place his/ her feet on.

The stool can support up to 300 lbs which makes it ideal for use in the kitchen as almost everybody in the house makes use of the stool in the kitchen. The stool itself weighs up to 2.3 lbs. which is great since it can support a lot of weight yet not be bulky and difficult to carry around.

The stool is made out of a sturdy material which ensures durability and strength all the while being lightweight enough to be carried around easily.

The stool has an easy foldable handle which allows you to carry it with you with ease and also saves up on storage space as it can be kept in the cabinet as well. You can stack with the rest of your items or just shove it under the fridge, it won’t take space owing to the fact that it becomes flat when it is folded.

The handle is not complex to use at all and can be opened with one flick of the hand which increases the user friendliness of the product as well as saves time which is needed badly in kitchen work. Home tropics keeps in mind the safety of the customers and so non-slip rubber dots have been installed at the surface of the stool to give the extra grip and minimize injuries that happen due to slippage.

Folding Step Stool From ImiKas

Folding Step Stool - 9 inch Height Premium Heavy Duty Foldable Stool for Kids & Adults, Kitchen Garden Bathroom Stepping Stool from ImiKas
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Manufactured to ImiKas standards, made from tough & durable lightweight plastic
  • EASY TO USE: Designed fold easily and quickly, Just pull up the handle and push in the sides, the ImiKas folding stool is great for use indoors and outdoors, kitchen bathroom or the garden
  • CARRYING HANDLE: Ergonomic carrying handle allows for easy and comfortable carrying allowing you to take the step stool anywher
  • SQUASH PROTECTION FEATURE: ImiKas have designed a safety stop gap feature that allows the foldable stool to prevent being squashed, great for kids
  • ANTI SLIP: Special rubber dots on the surface and anti slip surface on the feets help stabilise and prevent slipping, especially around the kitchen bar, bathroom areas

Imikas brings to you its heavy duty foldable step stool which is a must have for being used in the kitchen. The stool goes up to 9 inches high which the perfect amount for when you need to reach for the top shelf.

The stool is made out of a heavy duty plastic material which ensures that the product lasts a long time and is still easy to carry around. The stool has a handle which can be folded flat to stand on or pushed upwards to hold the stool and carry it anywhere with you making it lightweight and portable.

The handle is quite easy to open and will also save you time that would otherwise be spent on dragging a chair into the kitchen. This feature can especially be helpful when preparing dinner and needing to get stuff from the shelves out in time.

The foldable feature of the stool allows it to be kept in tight spaces too which is very useful when you don’t want to clutter your kitchen and save up on storage space.

The brand provides a squash protection feature in the stool which is a safety stop gap feature which prevents the folded stool from being squashed. This can be useful when you’re keeping the stool in cabinets along with other items all jam packed together.

The stool also has rubber dots installed on the surface and rubber pads on the feet to provide the extra grip and stability to the users which is very much needed in the kitchen when reaching for high up shelves. The anti-slip pads also ensure that the stool stays put on wet floor too.

StepSafe® Folding Step Stool

StepSafe Non Slip Folding Step Stool For Kids and Adults with Handle- 9 in Height, Holds up to 300 Lb! (black)
  • Super Strong yet Lightweight- StepSafe manufactures a step stool designed with the entire family in mind. It is strong and stable for adults yet lightweight and portable for children to carry.
  • EZ Carrying - Durable carrying handle allows you to carry the step stool wherever you go. Space Safer- Especially designed to be fold in order to conserve space. Opens and folds very easily.
  • Space Safer- Especially designed to be fold in order to conserve space. Opens and folds very easily.
  • Safety Feature- Non Skid rubber dots on the step stool's surface designed to give you a strong grip and prevent slipping.
  • Lifetime 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by StepSafe

StepSafe has come out with its super strong yet lightweight step stool which ticks all the points that you look for in a stool to be used in the kitchen. The stool is made out of a sturdy material which holds up to 300 lbs. making it durable and strong.

The stool is measured to be 9 inches in height which is ideal for kitchen use. The stool also has a foldable feature where it can be folded with a handle on top making it very convenient to carry and also saves up a lot on storage space. This is useful for small kitchens where you want to save up on storage space wherever you can.

The stool has been made with hinges on the side which can be pushed up to hold and carry the stool wherever you want also proving the fact that the stool is lightweight even with its strength.

Another great feature is that the stool is very easy to clean. With just some soap and water it can cleaned in one wash which is great for kitchen use as things are always getting spilled here and there and even though the stool is white you don’t have to fear that the stain might stay.

The brand has also incorporated anti-skid dots on the surface of the stool to provide extra grip and stability to the users and minimize injuries that happen due to slipping. Children are often going into the kitchen and looking for food in the fridge which is where this stool is great. The stool also comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed which ensures the quality of the product.

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