Jeronic Folding Step Stool, Red Available On Amazon

What do you do when your clock stops working and you have to take it off and fix it? Or that painting is a little more towards the right and is fueling up your OCD? What happens when you want to take that tea seat out of the upper cabinet without falling? You look for a chair, stool, ask your brother to become a chair (yes that has happened)

Well now you do not have to go through any of this because Jeronic folding step stool is the solution to all such problems!

Product Specifications

Jeronic has come up with yet another simple yet brilliant design with its super strong yet with its folding step stool made out of a sturdy material which holds up to 350 lbs. and has a good 11 inch height which makes it usable for children too.

The stool is can be folded with a handle on top which makes it very convenient to carry and also saves up a lot on storage space. The stool has red rubber dots installed on the surface which ensure firm grip and lesser injuries due to slippage.

The stool is made out of sturdy plastic which makes it durable and strong yet lightweight enough to be carried around easily.

Pros and Cons

The stool has a good enough height to be used when extra height is required. It has rubber dots which prevent slipping and thus make it a great item for children who can use it without any fear. The stool can be folded flat and kept anywhere as it takes very little space. The striking red color of the stool adds a trendy touch to it hence making sure it doesn’t look hideous if kept in the room. The stool can also be kept in the car owing to its size.

Why should you buy it?

This stool is a must have for everyone looking for a stool that is easy to carry around and does the job too. The stool can be folded flat and kept anywhere between the cabinets, in the kitchen or under the bed to save up on storage space.

Due to its foldable feature it can also be kept in the car for road trips. The stool is sturdy enough to support an adult and lightweight enough to be carried by a child.

Kids can brush their teeth without parents having to worry, you can easily carryout dusting and cleaning the house and car wash becomes easier too. Apart from this the red color stands out and makes the sure the stool doesn’t disappear if kept in the garage.

Final Verdict

The Jeronic step stool is a great product what with its amazing design, lightweight yet durable material, foldable feature, grip dots and the striking red color which makes it stand out. The stool gives you the extra height and saves up on time spent in looking for a chair. All in all it is a must have product!

Jeronic Super Strong Folding Step Stool for Adults and Kids, Red Kitchen Stepping, Garden Step Stool, Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Approx 11 Inch Red with dots Ideal use for kids, also for adults less than 200 pound
  • Great folding stool for in the kitchen, bathroom, RV's and more.
  • Foldable stool opens with one flip of the hand.
  • Handle for easy carrying, Approximately Assembly Dimension: 11" (L) x 9" (W) x 11'(H).
  • Adult Stool holds up to 200 lbs, It is normal stool, can not be used as the Step Stool.

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