3 Best Rated Chair Step Stools Available in the Market

chair step stools

Do you have a chair step stool in your kitchen? If your answer is no well, let me tell you that your kitchen is incomplete. You ask me why? Like, isn’t it obvious enough?

Every time you want to get something from the higher cabinets, you have to grab that ladder from the store or call the tallest person in your home and deal with many other problems. Also, if you’re cooking and someone wants to assist you or stay with you while you cook, it gets pretty awkward because you don’t know where you should tell that person to sit. Then you have to drag chairs from the dining and put them back in place when you’re done. Like how do you even survive through all of that?

And chair + step stools are not only restricted to be used in the kitchen, but can be used almost in every room of your house. In short, this product is a must-have. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with this amazing creation of chair that doubles as a step stool. This can solve all your problems creating a very relaxed environment at your place.

Following are some carefully selected product suggestions from Amazon that can help you in buying the perfect product right from the comfort of your home. Take a look.

Cosco Retro Counter Chair/Step Stool

Let me begin telling you about this chair/step stool by Cosco that has amazing easy cleaning properties. We all know that a chair that doubles up as a step stool is highly useful, which is why you also have to agree with me on this that it requires regular cleaning.

Now regular cleaning can be a really tough task, but it’s not so tough if you have got the product by Cosco. Why? Well, this chair/step stool has got a body entirely made of quality vinyl upholstery. This makes cleaning a breeze because no dust or dirt accumulates on the surface or tight spaces.

It does not only keep itself clean, but also keeps its surroundings clean. You must’ve witnessed a chair or stool making marks on the floor or carpet where it is kept. These marks are made by the foot of the chair/stool, but none of that happens with this product. The ends of the legs of the chair/step stool have got rubber fittings, which help it eliminate any marring or scratches on the floor. These leg tips help keep the floor clean, so that you don’t have to get into any kind of excessing cleaning and maintenance tasks.

The chair/step stool has a very comfortable cushioned seat. So, even if you’re sitting on it for an elongated period of time you won’t feel any numbness on your lower area or feel any pain or distress. It can easily deal with hours of sitting and the cushion won’t ever deform or damage under the weight or pressure.

Well, I think it’s quite obvious now that this is a multi-purpose product. The counter height chair provides extra seating whenever it’s needed and 225 lb. capacity step stool acts as a ladder and helps you in reaching those high areas.

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Chair with Pull Out Step Stool

Available in very attractive (majorly) brown, black and silver colors, this chair + step stool can be a very interesting choice. Let’s get into other specific details later, first of all let me tell you about its unique and dissimilar design.

I can guarantee you that there is not another substitute present in the market that can resemble let alone match its style. Every time you want to use the stool, you’d have to drag the chair along too. But, that doesn’t happen here. Its chair and stool can be separated and also can be joined according to your need easing the entire process way too much.

Like all quality products, this one also features quality vinyl upholstery, which makes the task of cleaning extremely easy and effortless as no extra maintenance is required. The counter height chair provides extra seating whenever it’s needed. The stool can hold a capacity of 200 lb. allowing you to reach heights that were super hard to reach before. There are 2 different height steps that allow you reaching different heights; you’d be forgetting all about a ladder once you have this.

The non-marring leg tips of the chair + step stool protect the floor without leaving any nasty marks. Moreover, the chair doesn’t only provide cushioning at the seat, but also at the back, so if you’re using it for a longer time period you’d feel no pain, cramps or anything like that. There is a stylish chrome finish all over the product’s body, which gives it a great deal of elegance and also helps resist rusting and corrosion. This classic combo is everything you need. Its timeless and unique design offers you a lot of comfort, convenience and value.

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Chair Step Stool Folding

Just as the name suggests, Retro sure does bring the 60’s back in fashion with this very productive and efficient chair step stool. It might be old fashioned, but they don’t say old is gold for nothing. This chair step stool can definitely work better than all other substitutes combined. Available in a very appealing black and silver shade, this is a multi-purpose product (which is pretty obvious, so I don’t think I have to explain much about that).

Over 70 years of comfort, convenience and value are installed in this product making it a best seller in the present time too. Lots of people have been using it and they have recommended it to other people too, so consequently, a huge number of people trust this product. This is how Retro has developed a brand loyalty and now most people won’t even go for something else.

This product is also highly durable and affordable, so you won’t be burdening yourself with any maintenance tasks or excessive spending. Like all other options, this one also has quality vinyl upholstery, non-marring leg tips, comfortable padded vinyl seating cushions and stylish chrome finishes.

You can also think of it as a merge between the old generation chair step stool and a new generation step stool; it has got the durability, affordability and functionality of the older era and some updated quality assets of the new era. These combine to make this product number one. If you don’t believe me, then try it for yourself and you’ll know that I was absolutely right.

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