3 Best 2 Step Stools Reviewed By Real Amazon Customers

Do you have trouble reaching for items in the top shelf of your kitchen? Do you have to worry and run after your kids every time they stand on something to reach for the sink to brush their teeth?

Have you ever experienced falling from a chair that you were standing on trying to clean the top of your car? These are some of the situations we all go through, however safety should be kept in mind at all times.

Dragging chairs around and standing on top of furniture is not safe in order to reach for things kept high up. This is where 2 step stools come in handy with their extra height and handle which make the job easier for you all the while ensuring your safety. These are three of the best 2 step stools out there so you might be able to choose one that suits your need the best.

2-Step Steel Step Stool With Handrail

2-Step Steel Step Stool with 600 lb. Load Capacity Style: Without Handrail
  • Chrome plated 16 gauge steel for durabilitySkid resistant rubber mat for safety
  • Dimensions (First Step): 9 H x 12 W x 16 LDimensions (Second Step): 7 H x 12 W x 16 LWeight capacity: 600 lbs.

Brewer brings to you yet another unique design this time in the form of a 2-step step stool with a twist. The twist being the handrail. Measuring up to 16 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 9 inches in height the stool has wide enough steps for an adult to comfortably stand on and gives a great amount of height needed to get to the top shelf or paint your wall or even wash the roof of your car.

The stool weighs up to 24 lbs. itself and has the capacity to hold up to 600lbs of weight which is not the case in many 2 step stool hence covering a wide weight range of customers. The stool has been made out of chrome plated 16 gauge steel which ensures the durability and strength of the stool and will last for a long time.

The handrail is also made out of chrome plated steel and is of extremely good quality. The rail provides extra support which can be very useful in situations where you need to hold on to something while reaching high up. The handrail comes especially in handy when painting a wall. The steps are also very useful as they can also be used to keep stuff on while you take out more. The stool has a skid resistant rubber mat which provides extra grip ensuring safety of the user. This feature prevents injuries that could happen due to falling.

The brand has followed Type IAA duty rating while choosing the material for the frame to be made out of. The stool is strong and sturdy enough to support weight and last a long time but is also manageable in the sense that it can easily be picked up and carried to another place.

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Rubbermaid 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool

Rubbermaid RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool with Non-Slip Step Treads 300-Pound Capacity
  • 2-step molded plastic stool with a black finish
  • Designed with cutout handles and non-slip step treads
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • 300-pound load capacity
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Rubbermaid has come out with yet another ingenious product called the RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Step Stool. The measurements of the stool are 18.6 inches in length, 18.2 inches in width and 16.1 inches in height.

The stool itself weighs up to 5.6 pounds and has the capacity to support up to 300lbs which covers a good weight range of adults. The stool has been built of such a material that it its sturdy and durable enough to support a grown person comfortable and yet is lightweight enough to be carried around.

The large standing platform and the cutout handles on the sides make it very convenient to pick up and carry around which makes the stool extremely portable. You don’t have to drag chairs now. Just take the stool from one room to another.

The safety of the customers is of essence to the people at Rubbermaid and hence the non slip grip surface has been added to the stool. This provides the grip that is needed to stay put on the stool and prevents injuries that could happen due to losing balance and slipping. This makes the stool useful for children and the elderly as well.

A great feature added to this stool is that it has non marring feet which means that the stool will not leave marks across the wooden floor when being dragged across it. This is particularly useful for parents when their children are dragging stuff over the wooden floor.

Rubbermaid always puts the customer first and so this stool comes with a one year limited warranty which ensures the good quality of the stool and is quite useful as the stool could become faulty or the surface become smooth in which case it can be taken back and fixed.

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Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool

Cosco 2-Step Household Folding Step Stool, Gray
  • Essential for any room - Height assist for cabinets, closets, and light cleaning.
  • Lightweight - Easy to carry for multiple jobs. Product Dimensions- 17.9 x 17.3 x 28.2 inches
  • Non-marring - Leg tips keep floors clean;Recommended Use:Interior
  • Secure - Slip resistant step.
  • Stable - Continuous rear leg support. FOLDS FLAT - Easy Storage.

Cosco has launched its 2 step stool and it is a must have for every household and office. Measuring up to 17.9 inches of height the Cosco 2 step folding step stool is perfect for those times when you need that extra height.

The stool has the capacity to support up to 250 lbs. which makes it useful for children as well as adults. The stool is strong enough to carry that weight but is also lightweight enough to be carried around easily making it portable. The stool has a steel frame and steps to make it durable and sturdy which also makes it last a long time all the while being easy enough to carry around. The stool has slip-resistant steps which add to its safety.

The steps will provide you with the grip required to stay put on the stool and not lose balance. It also gives a stable rare leg support to minimize injuries. It also meets ANSI type II standards which add to its quality.

These features make the stool a great option for kids and makes the parents worry less. Cosco being the thoughtful company that it is has added another great feature keeping in mind the needs of the users. The stool comes with non-marring feet which means that every time the stool is dragged across the wooden floor there will be no marks left.

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